Make smarter decisions by extracting key relationship information from dormant email data

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Relationship Management that Works

Discover the value of your company’s network by accessing key insights from email data

  • Take advantage of powerful search capabilities
  • Receive relevant relationship details in real time
  • Manage new opportunities with a relationship dashboard

Smarter Decisions with Data-Driven Insights

Exceed targets and increase revenue by collaborating with the right people at the right time

  • Meet promising prospects through warm introductions
  • Enter meetings with relevant, up-to-date context
  • Schedule follow-ups for maximum impact

Stronger Returns through Stronger Relationships

Stay ahead of competition by optimizing resources and relationships

  • Develop new business opportunities with less effort
  • Save time by connecting to the right stakeholder faster
  • Generate revenue from the value of your network

Best In Class Information Security

Benefit from innovative relationship management while maintaining control over your information

  • Your data always stays with you
  • State-of-the-art data encryption
  • Role-based access controls

What Others Say:

Mike Ventling
Former Gobal CFO, Ernst & Young

"nextSociety understands the importance of relationships in everyday business interactions. A real game changer!"

Jürgen Furian

"nextSociety helped us decrease the time to find the best internal connections to specific companies. Highly recommended to anyone whose time is valuable and scarce."