Boost Your Sales
With Personal Introductions

Boost your reponse rates
with personal introductions

Find the best path
to clients in split-seconds

Collaborate with partner companies
to widen your reach

Jürgen Furian

nextSociety helped us decrease the time to find the best internal connections to specific companies. Highly recommended to anyone whose time is valuable and scarce.

Did you know?

60% of contacts
never reach the CRM

Your team wastes 30 min
to identify one lead

Personal introductions yield
conversion rates above 50%

How It Works?

nextSociety analyzes email header data to learn who your team knows. The strength of each relationship is derived from the intensity and pattern of communication.

As user you sign in via your Google Apps account, so you don’t even need a new username and password.

We chart your network fully automatically so your sales team can focus on what’s important!

Is It Safe?

Our algorithms only analyze header information (to, from, cc, date & subject) in order to build your network graph. We never access or store email bodies.

We apply state-of-the-art data encryption mechanisms. All information processed is transferred via the SSL protocol. All data at rest is stored on encrypted server hard drives.