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How It Works

Tell us what you are looking for right now.
We’ll do the rest!

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Define your networking objectives to get started ...

Get to know who is relevant across your networks
and find out what your next step should be!

Suggestions include: Who to stay in touch with, who to meet on your next trip and which professional events not to miss.

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Your people stream always showing your 150 most relevant contacts.

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It identifies people in your social networks (across the platforms you choose) who are most important to you right now!

Your relevance score.
It’s never been easier!


Your relevant contacts’ profiles.
Your recipe to connecting successfully.

Get a snapshot focused on what you need to know.
View only details actually relevant to you.

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Business trips made easy.
Don't miss any opportunity to catch up.

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Enter your upcoming trips and your app will tell you who to meet, when and where. Share your plans via LinkedIn & Facebook with the click of a button!

Unlock the full potential of your relationships.


nextSociety - Access your network and unlock the full potential of your relationships.

xS is your professional networking tool.

Networking has become time consuming

The amount of social media related data we are collecting on a daily basis increases constantly. Therefore, identifying and extracting important information fast and efficiently becomes more difficult and time consuming.

We filter your connections by relevance

By filtering connections by relevance xS allows its members to categorize and organize existing connections across multiple social networking platforms and to identify the most relevant connections in their network.

Who is most relevant to you?

Meet Our Team

Founding Team


Peter Stebe

Co-Founder and CEO

Thinker and people scout - who makes things happen. Strategy & organizational design consultant, PHD in technical sociology, plays clarinet & saxophone.


Alex Tange

Co-Founder and COO

Networker and community talent - who connects with everyone. Sustainability consultant & project manager, MBA in entrepreneurship & consulting, passionate alpine skier.


Ben Simsa

Co-Founder and CTO

Creative mind and tech brain - who makes things digital. Web design & SEO professional, MIM of the international CEMS programme, Latin competition dancer.

Our Developers


Christoph Witzany


Christian Pfeifhofer


Richard Kogelnig



Christoph Rücker

Blogging & Social Media


Alexandra Scheriau


Sandra Rutz

Our Advisors


James Haft


Christian Jörg


With our experienced Founders and a current team of 7, we are looking to hire talents to grow our user base & advance our product.

Roles available:

Growth Hacker (New York)

What you will be doing

  • Growing our mobile based product
  • Relentless focus on user acquisition, conversion rates, analytics and continuous testing
  • You will lead development and execution of the overall marketing plan to achieve growth objectives
  • You will define, test and evaluate on-line initiatives
  • You will maximize throughput of user acquisition and conversion funnels through improvements in user experience, data-gathering, brand messaging and product presentation
  • Push the boundaries around traditional marketing

What you need for this position

  • Proven experience growing a mobile product, end-users, customers
  • Previous fast growing Start-Up Experience
  • Experience with social media platforms, tools, and APIs (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • Experience with A/B Testing, Data mining, Analytics
  • Self-motivated, outside the box thinker
Back-end Developer (Vienna, Austria)

What you will be doing

  • Work side-by-side with an outstanding team of backend-end & front-end developers as well as algorithm experts on developing an innovative, break-through mobile app.
  • Relentless focus on creating an unprecidented user experience facilitated by a powerful, optimized backend and database system.
  • You will take responsibility in building a scalable solution, able to serve thousands of users quickly and efficiently.
  • Conceptualize and develop new features together with our user interface and go-to-market experts.
  • Push the boundaries of what is possible to contribute to nextSociety's success.

What you need for this position

  • Proven experience in developing Python and/or Java back-end solutions.
  • Experience with working in teams of software developers
  • Skills in working with database systems (e.g: PostgreSQL, MongoDB, ...)
  • Previous work with large scale task managment solutions (a plus)
  • Previous work with external APIs such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, ... (a plus)

nextSociety is a product of the team behind it and we’re always looking for talented, collaborative individuals. Even if you don’t see the role you’re looking for above, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Our Locations

New York City is our home base.

While our headquarters are in NYC, a lot of our development happens in Vienna, Austria.

Our NYC Headquarters

Location of the nextSociety HQs in NYC

nextSociety, Inc. Headquarters
244 5th Ave. Suite #2621
New York, NY 10001

New York City - This is where our market is and so are we. Our headquarters in the heart of Manhattan ensure that we are right there with our users at any point in time, to listen to your feedback and advance our product 24/7.

Our Development Hub

Location of the nextSociety Development Hub in Vienna, Austria

nextSociety, Inc. Development Hub
Lange Gasse 76/18
Vienna, Vienna 1080

Vienna, Austria - The home of our outstanding team of developers. Here is where we make things happen on a technical level. We listen closely to your feedback and put all our focus on making networking more efficient for you.

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xS is your professional networking tool


We always love hearing from you. If you want to know about our service or simply say ‘hello’, feel free to contact us.